Finding a Great Arts Accountant

We all know that taxes can feel overwhelming. Maybe you navigate through the shoebox and file your own taxes every year. Maybe you drop them off to an accountant and hope for the best? Finding a good accountant, who understands exactly what you do, is a Smart Artist essential skill.

I frequently get asked for accountant referrals. Over the years, I’ve collected recommendations from respected artists across all arts genres (acting, music, visual arts, etc) and am re-posting the list here.

Please note: these are recommendations from arts professionals in my community, and I do not personally endorse any specific service/accountant. For questions, availability, pricing etc please reach out to the accountant directly.

Good luck!

Arts Accountant Referrals in Vancouver, BC

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Michael Bingham

Donna Branston (DMCL)

David Chiu

Compendia Business Information Services

George Georgopoulas

Richard Wilson

Arts Accountant Referrals in Toronto, ON


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