The Smart Artist's Guide to Smart TaxesThank you for purchasing “Smart Artist’s Guide to Smart Taxes”. Here are a few links I hope you’ll find useful! Check back soon; we’re always updating links and adding tools we think will rock your world 🙂


TAX INFO (Canada Revenue Agency)

Canada Revenue Agency- Small Business Webinars/Videos

Employed (Salaried) Artists- Guide to Claiming Expenses

Employee or Contractor?

MyCRA Account for Individuals

MyCRA Account for Businesses (GST/HST)

Prior Years Tax Info

T4- Information & Slips

T4As- Information & Slips




SimpleTax- Free



Sample Invoice Tracker (Spreadsheet)

Sample Expense Tracker (Spreadsheet)



NEAT Receipt App

I looooooove the Neat app. You can snap a pic of a receipt, email copies of digital receipts to your Neat account, scan it with a funky scanner, and more. A total time-saver at tax time AND it preserves the details on those horrible shiny receipts where the ink fades after 2 days!


YNAB (You Need A Budget)

An AMAZING budget/finance app & software program- it’s more than an app; it trains you to “spend smarter” and see where your challenges are. There’s a free version AND they have an awesome blog/podcast



FREEEEEEE tool to create & send great invoices. Use it.



The Smart Artist’s Guide to Smart Taxes

(Hey, I had to put my own book here too, right?!)


Money Drunk, Money Sober

(written by the author of “The Artist’s Way”)


Your Best Year Ever

A great book about goal setting, and why we do the things we do- I’ve highlighted my copy so much, I bought a second one to re-read LOL!


Smart Women Finish Rich

The first finance book I ever bought- totally opened my eyes to money matters and smart spending. There’s also a Canadian version, but it’s a bit more expensive.


Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

Fabulous title, fabulous author (she also has an AMAZING YouTube series!)


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